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We’re delighted to have won the StepTwo Gold award for innovative solution 2020 in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education.

This is what the StepTwo judges liked about it

  • We love the innovative premise behind the learning library — taking a community approach to creating and sharing learning resources.
  • The execution of the pinboard design and capability is excellent.
  • The library has innovative features throughout, including the integration with Unsplash and the board creation wizard that encourages users to add metadata.
  • The findability features have been well thought through, including tagging content by syllabus outcomes which is very useful for teachers.
  • The highly granular approach to analytics is powerful, with the ability to produce various insights into learning that have great value.
  • Basing the customisation on a well-established intranet product so the team could focus more on the user experience, has proven to be a successful approach.
  • The learning library is already having a significant impact after a year, with almost every school in NSW using it in some way or another.


Read the full article on the StepTwo website.


The winners of Step Two’s annual **Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards **shed light on what’s possible to deliver in today’s organisations. This year’s Awards  have just been announced, and they don’t disappoint!

Next Thursday, we’ll be running our Pacific Region webinar, showcasing local winners. The session will be on July 23 at 11am AEST, featuring presentations from four Gold winners.