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Intranet in a box

Valo is more than just a tool – it helps to build a social company culture and supports your employees in their daily routines. It’s simple and intuitive interface coupled with a well-designed information architecture means work on any device a pleasure!

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Melbourne cup SharePoint app

The Melbourne Cup Office Sweepstakes app allows you to run your office sweepstakes in SharePoint. You can create one or more Sweepstakes, people can then enter the sweeps and have horses randomly assigned. Once the race results are in, the app will calculate the winnings and display them on the home page.

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SharePoint Cards

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Expense Claim Form

  • Integration between SharePoint and financial systems to speed up the expense creation, authorisation and payment process.
  • Intuitive forms that display cost codes and content based on the user profile and step in the expense process.
  • Removes form errors by validating content, highlight issues and suggesting fixes.
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Quality Document Management

Use Sharepoint for what it does best – document management.

With a comparatively small amount of customisation, SharePoint can be used as a robust document control solution with advance features such as document versioning, approval and review reminders.

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Sales Pipeline Reporting

Created a Sales Pipeline reporting process to allow sales reps to capture their monthly sales forecasts quickly and easily. Managers have access to sales forecasts and the ability to track trends across product portfolios and regions. SharePoint is playing a pivotal role in collating and relaying back sales information to the decision makers.

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Printable phone directory

An national company of 2,000 staff across 40 location needed a fast and reliable way to generate a printable phone directory.

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Travel Form

  • Streamlined and paperless travel booking process
  • Clever itineraries based on locations and common travel requirements
  • Integration with travel related services such as mobile phones to reduce costs.
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