Business Process Automation

Remove the piles of paper, confusing email trails and lack of visibility in a process by configuring SharePoint to manage your business processes. It can either be configured using out-of-the-box components or enhanced with products such as Colligo for email management, Nintex for forms and workflows, Layer2 for integration with other line of business applications and Muhimbi to generate high quality PDF files.

At its most basic, SharePoint can manage the approval routing of documents through the use of simple workflows. Information regarding to the request can be emailed and/or displayed on a web site for actioning. Everyone involved in the process is able to track progress. PDFs could then be created of the approved documents which can be emailed or copied to other locations in SharePoint for distribution.

We have been involved in a number of more complex business process automation projects. They include an expense reporting system which emailed credit card holders their monthly spend. The process was managed by the financial accountant. They uploaded a data file into a SharePoint list, which was processed to email spend results to the card holder. This processes, although small, had a great impact on the finance department by saving time and increasing their ability to spot credit card spend anomalies.

If you have a business process, big or small, that you are looking to streamline, let us know and we’ll see how we can help.