Custom Applications & Integration

A major benefit of SharePoint is its flexibility to be configured to manage a wide variety of business processes. When implementing SharePoint, configuration is our preferred approach however to fulfil some requirements, development is unavoidable.

At SharePoint Gurus we have in-house develop skills to build solutions that extend SharePoint beyond what is possible with simple configuration. With the introduction of SharePoint 2010, custom applications have switch from a SharePoint Server development approach to a client side approach utilising the client side object model. Office 365 also uses the Client Side Object Model. This allows applications to communication with SharePoint from either a client web browser or a web server. They also allow for applications to be developed once to communicate with SharePoint on-premises or in the cloud.

This type of development approach was used in the creation of our Melbourne Cup Sweep Stakes app. This application was developed as a fun way to run an office Melbourne Cup Sweep Stake. It demonstrates how SharePoint components can be put together with relatively simple script to create visually attractive and timesaving solutions. No longer does the office administrator need to spend the morning cutting up horse for their co-workers to pull out of a hat, SharePoint does it all for you.

As well as the fun application development, we have created SharePoint solutions to manage training certificates and vehicle licenses for employees at a mining company. This solution was designed to store thousands of competencies or allow workgroup supervisors to validate the compliance of a crew before a shift.

We have also built, with guidance, a complete project pipeline solution for an Australia wide construction company. The solution integrates into their Building Information Management system to allow business development managers and project managers to make informed decisions regarding new projects. This solution was built using a combination or DBXL, InfoPath and Nintex. More recently many aspects of the solution have been migrated from InfoPath to JavaScript further increasing the functionality of the solution.

If you need to extend SharePoint beyond what is possible out of the box, give us a call to discuss your requirements