Expense Claim form


Integration between SharePoint and financial systems to speed up the expense creation, authorisation and payment process. This was achieved using intuitive forms and integration with finance systems to expose cost codes.

Business Challenge

A geographically disbursed organisation had to improve their expense claim process. Their current practices were largely paper based, slow and error prone. Expenses were submitted through the completion of an Excel file which was printed and sent to a manager to approve. As managers were often off site or based interstate, approvals could take days and required multiple follow-ups to ensure the paperwork was received. Once approved by a manager, the form and receipts we sent onto finance for review and payment. Payment required re-keying the information into multiple finance systems.

To improve the process they are looking to remove paper, speed up approvals and automate the entry of data into the financial system for payment.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Nintex workflows
  • Microsoft InfoPath
4 weeks

  • Paperless processes

  • Increase accuracy
    Decrease processing times

  • end-to-end process

  • Automatic reminders

The expense process was mapped out with key stakeholders using the existing Excel expense form as a starting point. From past experience, we have learnt not to replicate what’s on a paper form. Where possible, forms should auto complete speeding up the process with sections only be visible when required.

Through analyse, different type of expenses were identified for the various finance systems. Where expense codes were required by the finance system, these were brought into the form as pick lists. This allowed the claimant to complete their forms more quickly with quality information, speeding up the final payment steps.

As an outcome of planning, we managed to alter and update the expense approval procedure. Managers had previously been required to ‘sight’ all receipts. This was changed to allow manages to approve ‘reasonable’ expenses. Once a claim was approved by a manager, finance was required to validate the claim. Each line in the expense form was marked as ‘Recepts received’. Any payment for missing receipts had to approved by the nominated finance manager.


The new expense claim process was a great success. It removed all paper forms , sped up the approval process, allowed claimants to track the progress of their claim and receive payment into the bank a lot faster.

From a finance perspective, all re-keying of expense claim data was prevented. The finance team was instead tasked with validating claim amounts were accurate. Reconciliation reports were created for various department, something which was not immediately available from the financial system.