SharePoint Branding

SharePoint, but having the look and feel in line with your corporate identity? SharePoint Gurus offers branding services at different levels to make sure your employees recognize your brand and feel comfortable working in a familiar and easy to navigate environment, just like surfing the web.
Whether you use SharePoint on-premises or in the cloud, SharePoint Gurus has a branding solution for you. We offer two types of branding options:

Third party branding
Pre-made branding packages that deliver a professional looking “What you see is what you get” experience, tuned by SharePoint Gurus to deliver that extra touch to the design.

Tailored branding
SharePoint is a blank canvas and can be filled in in conjunction with your marketing team, designers or external design parties. With tailored branding SharePoint Gurus can deliver a fully customised interface and experience tailored entirely to your corporate identity and brand.
In order to deliver this SharePoint Gurus will work together with your design team, external designers or can deliver a design together with you.
The outcome of the creative process will be implemented in SharePoint by us to allow you to enjoy your SharePoint experience.

If you are interested in discussing branding options either for SharePoint Online (Office 365) or On-Premises, please contact us.

Instant Intranet?

It’s simple and intuitive interface coupled with a well-designed information architecture means work on any device a pleasure!

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