SharePoint Maintenance

Maintenance is something that should be actively performed (but often isn’t) to ensure your investment in SharePoint is optimally configured for tip-top performance.

SharePoint Gurus has developed cost effective plans to help identify potential issues early and recommend remedial actions.

Each plan focuses on different levels of maintenance based on the needs of the organization. If you would like comfort in knowing your critical infrastructure components are being regularly checked, or you would like deep insight into the health and availably of you environment, we have a plan for you.

Your Benefits

    • Remote monitoring of your SharePoint environment
    • Control SharePoint operational costs
    • Pro-active monitoring of environment
    • Extensive insight in SharePoint performance
    • Increase environment performance
    • Business continuity
    • Insight to meaningful metrics
    • Professional trusted advise
    •  Aligned with your IT policies

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Why choose SharePoint gurus

  • Insights

    SharePoint gurus will create reports based on the data collected from your Environment.
    The initial report acts as a baseline to which each consecutive period reports will be assessed, This will show the state of your environments health over time.

    The health of your environment is reported back to you on a periodic basis, giving you an extensive and complete overview of the state of your environment. The report will outline remedial steps to be taken to ensure optimal performance based on objectives which will be defined in conjunction with relevant stakeholders.

  • Prevention

    SharePoint Gurus helps to ensure your environment delivers on promised value. By periodically checking, maintaining and monitoring your SharePoint environment catastrophic events such as, outages or minor incidents can be prevented, allowing you to get ahead of SharePoint operational costs, business continuity and increased performance.

  • Continuity

    SharePoint Gurus monitors your environments performance and recommends optimisations where needed. Whether it be in additional or fewer resources for hardware, additional network components, information architecture recommendations or redundant components to ensure business service levels are met; all allowing for the most optimised environment possible.