Training is an essential part of any successful project. Without training users can become frustrated or waist time as they attempt to use the many capabilities of a product. SharePoint is no different. With its many functions and multiple ways to accomplish the same task, knowing the shortcuts to do the right things well is a real time saver.

SharePoint Gurus can provide training and education to ensure you and your co-workers get the most from SharePoint’s many features. We can provide basic training to explain how SharePoint should best be used to help your business achieve its goals. On from basic training, we can help you configure your SharePoint environment explaining how to setup your site structure using lists and libraries.

For companies with existing SharePoint deployments we can offer more in-depth training. All our consultants have broad knowledge of SharePoint and many of us are specialists within key areas of the product. If you need dedicated one-on-one mentoring, we can visit your Sydney office or provide remote assistance.

For a monthly update on SharePoint’s latest news and products, try visiting the Sydney SharePoint User Group run by our own Ivan Wilson. If you need to broaden your technical knowledge in SharePoint development, John Liu, our SharePoint MVP should be able to assist. Training in InfoPath is handled by Justin Nash and Nintex workflows by Jumpei Yamauchi. Tell us your training requirements and we’ll give you a consultant that can help.