Intranet in a box

Valo Intranet is a front door to your digital workplace

Valo is more than just a tool – it helps to build a social company culture and supports your employees in their daily routines. It’s simple and intuitive interface coupled with a well-designed information architecture means work on any device a pleasure!
Valo is a Blue Meteorite product

It’s the center of all communication and collaboration in your organization

Valo Intranet brings it all together: company news, events, alerts, and information about your products, services and processes – it’s all part of the Valo Intranet package.

  • Branding


    Let your intranet Shine with three different templates. Each can be tailored to your brand requirements with configurable colours and logos.

  • News


    Delegate news publishing to content owners, with Valo’s intuitive news publishing tools. Target news per department or location and pin the most important news on the front page. Engage users with commenting and liking. Add images with easy drag & drop functionality.

  • Quick Links

    Quick Links

    Promoted shortcuts for the staff on the Intranet front page makes navigation fast and easier.

  • Event Hub

    Event Hub

    With using the Valo’s Event Hub, everyone can keep track of upcoming internal events, trainings and conferences.

  • A sense of Community

    Social Hub

    Add a social element to your intranet by integrating Yammer and Twitter into your portal and team sites. Yammer is a great way for teams to share information and ideas. Polls can be taken and praise can be given through Yammer.

Valo Intranet is
easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy
and beautiful to look at.

Valo intranet-in-a-box solution offers a pre-built set of intranet capabilities so you don’t have to reinvent the intranet wheel.

Mobile friendly

All Valo intranet themes are 100% responsive and designed with the mobile experience in mind.
Receive notifications about important news and events anywhere, anytime with Valo mobile app for iPhone and Android.

 Customisable look & feel

Valo Intranet doesn’t look like your standard SharePoint. It fits to your Corporate brand without coding: you add your logo, colours, shortcuts, and titles – make it your own!

Choose your favourite UI: Candela, Lumen, or Lux. Each one is 100% responsive and can be fitted to your Corporate brand without coding expertise.

Change interface colours using on screen colour pickers and editors

  • Surveys

    Find out your organisation’s pulse by publishing and analysing quick questionnaires on the Intranet. Get insight from your valued employees and hear their opinion

  • Intranet Forms

    Comes with the most common forms such as a holiday application, expense claim etc. so you don’t have to reinvent the Intranet wheel.

  • Classifieds

    Improve employee satisfaction by providing an internal marketplace where users can sell, buy, and donate items.

  • News Alerts

    News alerts pop-up on the front page when something urgent happens.

  • Search

    Information is easy to find using SharePoint’s powerful search experience.

  • Quick Links

    Promoted shortcuts for the staff on the Intranet front page makes navigation fast and easier.

  • Open Job Positions

    A standardised set of tools for managing your internal job market and recruiting.

  • RSS Feeds

    Promote news from an external source, such as the company web site.

  • Our People Blog

    Provide tools for your employees to present themselves.

  • FAQ

    Provide frequent questions and answers on the Intranet with a FAQ feature. Valo FAQ include a dynamic, user-friendly UI and question categories. Create dedicated FAQs for IT, HR, etc.

  •  Teamwork Workspaces

    Forms to request and create team sites for collaboration.

  • Social Hub

    Follow all your company’s social feeds in one place.

  • People Finder

    Search for colleagues by name or phone number.

  • Delve Blogs

    Displays the most recent blog entries from Delve profiles

  • Idea Management

    Engaging social tool for idea gathering and management.

  • Admin Toolpack

    Provides important metrics and tools for the Valo Intranet administrator

Valo releases

Valo release 1.17 Steve

This release brings the following items: birthday web part, targeting news by multiple properties, Accessibility with compatibility to WCAG 2.0 accessibility criteria and support for SharePoint 2019 preview along with minor improvements.

Release notes coming soon

Valo Modern releases

Valo Modern release 1.1. Diode

Release notes coming soon

Valo Modern release 1.3. Cathode

Click to see release notes for Valo Modern release 1.3 

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