In Valo Intranet classic Release 1.21 Wave, you can schedule news and unpublish them when they become outdated.

Valo Intranet on top of classic SharePoint was introduced 2015, and we have kept developing it ever since, now reaching already release 1.21 Wave. Now we often refer to Valo Intranet when we are talking about the modern version of Valo Intranet and Valo Intranet Classic when it’s on top of classic SP.

Whether you are a modern or classic SharePoint user, exiting or new customer we offer you always something new so your intranet is always fresh and one step ahead of SharePoint out of the box offering!

Valo Intranet Release 1.21 brings scheduled news publishing to Valo Intranet Classic

With Valo Classic Releases, we make sure to keep our customers happy by ensuring the product continues working flawlessly despite any changes in the underlying platform, as well as adding new features in every release!

In the last Valo Classic Release 1.20 the focus was in facilitating the migration from Classic to Modern with introducing Modern Header and Footer. This time, in the Valo Classic Release 1.21, the main new feature is scheduled news publishing.

Scheduled news publishing – and unpublishing

As a content producer, you might need to schedule a news article for publishing at a certain date and time. This is especially important in publicly listed companies, but others might have this need as well. Now, this can be done with Valo Intranet Classic. The mechanism is achieved with Microsoft Power Automate, previously known as MS Flow, Microsoft’s business process tool.

As Valo utilizes the native SharePoint building blocks for storing its contents, it’s obvious that you can use the amazing native toolkit available in the Office 365 Suite. Furthermore, it also means that as a customer, you can very easily take what Valo has developed and further modify it to fit your specific needs.

If you already know your piece of news will become outdated and non-relevant after a certain time, you can also unpublish it by scheduling the unpublishing time either while creating the content.

Valo Intranet looks great on all devices

Valo Intranet’s LUX layout on top of classic SharePoint is an all-time favourite user interface.

Unified Menu across product Modules

This release also includes the option to deploy global navigation across site collections, potentially covering different product modules such as Intranet, Valo Idea Management, and Valo Teamwork.

Fixes and minor improvements

For many existing customers out there, the main contents of a Valo release are the fixes and minor improvements – i.e. the fact that we listen to our customers and partners, as well as keep the product working in the changing Office 365 platform. This release includes more than ten minor improvements and fixes, which we sure will make the user experience even better.

Here’s a small subset of the minor features and fixes included in this release:

  • Extended “Show more” link to allow URL edit in Video Webparts
  • Fixed office targeting in regular and highlighted news
  • Minor installation issues being fixed