Bespoke solutions

Microsoft 365 is designed for content management and collaboration. All business critical information can be managed within Microsoft 365 whether in SharePoint, OneNote, Outlook or another one of the complimentary content management tools and services.

If the out of the box capabilities are not enough to cover your business processes, integrations and custom applications can be designed and build within the Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms, maximising the use of the capabilities within the platform.


Tailored Web Parts

SharePoint provides great functionality but sometimes you’ll need something special and unique to your needs.

We have designed and develop tailored web parts to meet various business needs. Whether a widget to show personalised links on an intranet home page or a modern search web part to display sets of content in curated ways, we have a team who can help.


Tailored Solutions

When the capabilities of Microsoft 365 require extension or integration need to be made between business Systems.

SharePoint Gurus can assist with designing, implementing custom solutions and integrating business systems, both in the cloud and on-premises.

Azure Platform Automation

Design and develop custom solutions that run in the cloud, driving automation and productivity beyond the constraints of Power Automate Flows.

Everything can happen in the cloud. From little processes to big data, Azure Functions can help. We have developed custom Azure functions to help automate content management in SharePoint Online.



Know that your business critical documents are secured and read by the right people.

All companies rely on business critical documents such as policies, procedures and work instructions to operate safely and efficiently. SharePoint provides first rate document management features, it is the go-to place to store critical content security whist allowing access from any device and location with ease. Ensuring the right people are reading the right procedures and work instructions is not so easy. To close this gap, you can implement Compliance Tracker.

Compliance Tracker is 100% built into SharePoint and has been designed with ease in mind. Compliance Tracker allows critical content stored in SharePoint to be targeted to individuals or groups through profiling. Any content managed in SharePoint can be targeted and read acknowledgements tracked.

Staff no longer need to search for important content and any changes can be automatically flagged for a reread to ensure compliance. No more guessing which people have read which business critical information.

Good management of business critical documents is essential for business to work efficiently. Ensuring the right people are seeing the correct information can be challenging with the thousands of documents and web pages dotted across a company.

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