Modern Workplace

Cloud or on-prem. SharePoint Gurus can help you design and implement your Modern Workplace.


Intra & Extranets

On premise or cloud, we support both.

Valo Intranet is our go to choice for delivering rapid and highly functional intranets but we realise it may not be for everyone.

If your intranet requirements fall outside the norm, then we can build highly personalised custom solutions both in SharePoint Online and on-premise SharePoint 2019. The latest version of on-premise SharePoint is extremely flexible coming equipped with security, scalability and web content authoring creating consistent engaging experiences.

Valo Intranets

Valo Intranet is a semi shrink wrapped intranet based on SharePoint. It comes with numerous preconfigured web parts and solutions focused on common business and employee needs. Valo Intranet can be deployed to ‘classic’ SharePoint or to ‘modern’ version of SharePoint, both cloud and on-premise, leveraging the latest services and capabilities of Office 365.


Extranets allow companies to share information security with trusted business partners. Office 365 has extranet capabilities built in, allowing trusted partners to access documents stored in SharePoint Online. The setup of ‘extranet’ site is easy but does require some planning to ensure the right partners have access to the correct documents. SharePoint Gurus can help with this planning and automate access to content based on business rules.


Collaborate Microsoft Teams

Connect to people and view content securely with Microsoft Teams

Connect to people and view content securely with Microsoft Teams. Teams is Microsoft’s modern communication tool allowing you to collaborate in real time on content meet up with colleagues via chat/video calls. Team sites are built on SharePoint. This allows all content to be accessed via Team, SharePoint or OneDrive.

Content can be organised within the Team site into channels, each with its own chat thread keeping conversations on topic. Teams can easily be deployed but can very quickly get out of control as people move ahead without guidance or governance. We can help structure your Teams deployment to bring organisation to your content and channels.

Move to the cloud

As you move to the cloud, there’s usually a vast amount of existing information that needs to me migrated. We use a number of migration tools and approaches to help with the transition, making sure content is reliably and easily moved to the cloud with minimal downtime.


Document and content management

SharePoint is focused on content management and document management is its strength.

SharePoint is focused on content management and document management is its strength. Any type of file can be uploaded to SharePoint, shared security and surfaced within document libraries and web pages. Configuring your SharePoint environment to easily and efficiently manage documents takes planning and an understanding of the vast amount of SharePoints features and capabilities.

We can help you determining which documents to invest time in managing and help setup SharePoint to manage the lifecycle of those documents with as little friction as possible. Coupled with Power Automate and our Compliance Tracker, SharePoint content can easily be targeted to people based on centrally managed or personal profiles. All content reads can be tracked to ensure your important content is focused on and ready by the relevant people.

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