Compliance Tracker

Compliance Tracker

Microsoft 365 makes it easy to access content from anywhere. But not all content is created equal. Some content is critical for you to be aware of. It’s also critical that your organisation can verify that you have read and understood this content.

For example, if you have recently changed roles, you may need to be aware of specific procedures. Or perhaps there has been a change to regulations that affect your industry.

Notifying people of these changes is straightforward enough. Emails can be sent, articles can be posted to the intranet. But how can you tell how effective these have been? Even worse, what if you get audited and need to prove who has read them?

This is a challenge a number of our clients have asked for our assistance with. There are two aspects to the challenge

1 We want to make it easy for our staff to discover content that is important to their current position in the organisation 2 We want to be able to prove that the content has been accessed by the relevant people

We’ve developed a solution that makes it easy to achieve this. Using simple tags, content owners can target documents and pages relevant to a person’s profile. Our “My Reads” web part can be added to any page to display a personalised list of all outstanding content that needs to be read. The content in the web part is automatically updated based on changes to version, re-read requirement or changes to a person’s profile.

The solution provides a number of options to track when a staff member reads content assigned to them. This data can be aggregated in the reporting component, which allows content owners to measure the compliance uptake.

If you are looking for a solution to target and track your important content against the right people, contact us for a demo or to participate in our upcoming pilot.

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